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Many people will hesitate to seek out addiction treatment because the lines are blurry when it comes to addiction. Family members of an addict want nothing more than to see their loved one overcome their disease, but the addict may be in denial and refuse addiction treatment. When there are differences of opinion, the best option is to call and speak to an expert about how you can help.


We can help you find the right treatment facility and rehabilitation program for your health issues. Call Drug Treatment Centers New Brunswick today at (732) 626-4328


What is Addiction Treatment?

When ready to begin rehabilitation for a substance abuse problem, the recovery process will include several types of addiction treatment. At intake, the staff at New Brunswick’s addiction treatment centers will learn as much as they can about the addict and the addict’s personal situation, age, marital status, drugs used, etc. The recovery from addiction begins with an intake meeting. A licensed counselor will discuss the treatment plan that will work best for the addict.

Next is the detox phase of treatment, followed by a variety of therapy sessions:

One-on-one sessions to discuss how the addict is feeling about the addiction, the harm the addiction caused and how to make amends.

Group sessions with other individuals with addiction problems. This may be a bit difficult for the addict at first because he or she may feel embarrassed or ashamed to reveal his or her addiction problem. Once he or she hears other addict’s stories, he or she will quickly realize others are in the same situation.

Group sessions or an intervention with the addict’s close friends and family members. The counselor acts, as a facilitator to keep anger at bay, but the objective is to have an open dialogue about how everyone feels about the addiction.

Questions and Answers about Addiction

The goal of treatment for drug addiction is to stop drug use and allow the addict to go back to living and working the way he or she did before the disease began.

Question: Why isn’t marijuana a safe and legal medicine?

Answer: Marijuana available on the streets is subject to contamination. The user cannot be sure what chemicals are being added. Smoking anything damages the alveoli in the user’s lungs; the user’s thinking skills are affected and the user’s motor skills are altered, making him or her, a potentially unsafe driver.

Question: What is Spice (also known as K-2)?

Answer: Spice is often referred to as synthetic marijuana and can cause hallucinations. Spice has a higher risk of addiction than marijuana.

Question: Aren’t bath salts only dangerous if snorted or injected?

Answer: Bath salts often contain amphetamine type chemicals, along with other chemical additives which put users at risk. Using bath salts orally, snorted or injected are all dangerous, causing chest pains, high blood pressure, hallucinations, extreme paranoia, delusions and even death.  Bath Salts are subject to abuse and addiction as well.

Question: Since Salvia is an herb, is it dangerous to use?

Answer: Salvia can cause emotional swings,vivid hallucinations, paranoia and anxiety. The visual effects of this substance are overwhelming, and can cause users to panic.

Question: If someone huffs markers in small doses occasionally, does it cause health problems?

Answer: Huffing may make the user high for a few minutes.This high is a result of oxygen deprivation in the brain and can damage the user’s brain cells permanently.

Understanding the extent of addiction and the ramifications associated with it helps the addict recognize he or she needs professional help to be able to overcome this struggle. 


We can help you find the right treatment facility and rehabilitation program for your health issues. Call Drug Treatment Centers New Brunswick today at (732) 626-4328

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